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Transition: What's Next?


In the next few weeks we will begin to focus on transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School. We have a range of activities listed below for pupils to complete and also some interactive videos for them to watch, to help support their understanding of this move. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us:

What's the difference between primary and secondary school?

Moving to secondary school is a big step and can seem a bit scary. You could be worried about leaving Victoria Park Primary School because you know it really well.

You might find that there are more buildings and that everything seems bigger than primary school but you'll find your way round in no time. Whether you're going to walk there or get the bus or train, getting to your new school can seem tricky at first but within a few weeks it will be second nature!

We would like to to watch the following information videos before completing the tasks below. Just follow the link.

Timetables and New Subjects

In this activity P7's will begin to understand how to read and follow a Secondary School Timetable. In the first few weeks at a new school you might be worried about getting lost. Moving around classrooms and different subjects using a timetable can be tricky to follow.  Here we take a closer look at some of the new subjects you will come across next year and how to use a timetable.

Starting a new school

A lot of people feel nervous when they first go to secondary school and wonder if they will fit in and meet new friends. It can be hard if you are the only pupil from your primary school, but it can be an adventure getting to know everyone! It can be disappointing if you don't get to go to your first choice school, but don't worry, you’ll soon settle in. A great way to make new friends, with the same interests, is to join a club. There are lots of clubs at secondary school including things like trampolining, drama and cookery.

Making New Friends

In this activity P7's will have the opportunity to discuss making new friends in secondary school and are given some helpful hints and tips to help. Pupils must remember that everyone will be 'new' on their first day of Yr8 and that they will all have the opportunity to practice these skills.

Growing up in secondary school

It can seem strange having been the oldest in primary school to being the youngest in secondary school. Remember that everyone in your year will be feeling the same. At secondary school there will be opportunities to try things that you haven't before. You'll study new subjects and can join all sorts of after-school clubs. There's gymnastics, cross country, engineering and technology; whatever your interests there'll be an activity for you. With all these new activities and skills you'll soon build confidence.

What's to fear about secondary school?

You may have mixed emotions about moving to secondary school. Although you might feel a little bit nervous it's also an exciting time! Many pupils are worried about leaving behind their old school friends and not knowing anyone in their new school. There will be lots of opportunities to make new friends and find people who have the same hobbies or likes as you. Plus, you'll still be able to keep in touch with your old friends and meet up with them outside of school.


Pupils will explore the myths about transition from Primary to Post-Primary School. 

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