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Round & Round the Garden- Week 5

The story for this week is 

This Is the Bear

Listen to the story of This Is the Bear using the video attached.  Talk about the pictures and look for words you know as you read it.  What’s your favourite part of the story? Have you ever lost a favourite toy?  How do you think the boy felt? Can you find the rhyming words?


Activities – draw your favourite character in the story and have a go at writing what they said in a speech bubble eg the dog saying, “Yum, Yum!”


Try this rhyming word powerpoint


THIS IS THE BEAR by Sarah Hayes

Nursery Teacher Paula Champion tells the story of This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes.

                         More activity ideas:


  • The author of this book is Sarah Hayes. She has written other books about the boy, his bear and the dog.

Next week our story will be This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch. You might like to listen to This is the Bear and the Scary Night or some of her other stories. You can find them on YouTube. 








  • Talk to your family about their favourite teddy bear


  • Use a paper plate to make a bear mask


  • Try using a fork to paint a bear face 


  • Make teddy bear toast 



  • Make a moveable bear 


  • Draw or colour a teddy bear


Sound Revision

This week revise the sounds

z w v

Make sure your child can say these sounds. Use the Jolly Phonics songs to help.

Watch Mr Thorne Does Phonics and Alphablocks

Practise writing the sound on a page or on your whiteboard.


Write the sound on a piece of A4 paper. Decorate with sequins/ pebbles/ glitter/ buttons/ sweets etc  

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode Z

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode W

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode V

Alphablocks Word Magic - Z

Alphablocks Word Magic - W

Alphablocks Word Magic - V

Word Building

Use the sound cards: 

s a t p i n c k e h r m d g o u l f b j x y z w v

Can you build the words:  

zap  zip  wag  wet  wig  wok  vet  van

Word grid and instructions are below.

If you can't print the word grid out just draw it on a whiteboard or paper.

If you want to make this activity harder encourage your child to write the sounds rather than using the word cards.

Have a go at the activities below:


New word for this week is


Can you put the word in a sentence?

Fill a sandwich bag with shaving foam/ slime or flour. Seal well!! Use a cotton bud/ the blunt end of a pencil or your finger to write your word. Try this with some of your other words.

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