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Week 9 - Week beginning 8th March

Week 9 - Perimeter


This week in Maths we are going to be using all our wonderful length skills from last week and using them to help us calculate the perimeter of shapes.  The perimeter of a shape is the total distance around the shape.  It would be a bit like taking a walk around a shape, such as a football pitch, measuring each side as you go and then adding them all up at the end.  To work out the perimeter of a shape, simply add up the length of all the sides.  Be careful though, sometime we have left the length of a side out and you have to try to calculate it.  The online learning links this week will help explain how to calculate missing sides.  They will also help you to practice your dividing facts.


Remember to complete the online activity and written activity each day, then send these on Seesaw to your teacher or by email.


Have a great week and remember if you find anything difficult, simply get in contact with your teacher.


Online Activities

Online Activity 2 - Finding perimeter when a side length is missing

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