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Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

At Victoria Park Primary School, we are proud to be an inclusive school providing high quality, creative and challenging education within a secure, caring and happy environment, where every child experiences a sense of enjoyment and achieves their full potential. We recognise that at some stage many pupils may require additional support to develop their learning and reach their potential.  We recognise that these needs have to be met to the best of our ability and resources.


We promote an ethos of whole school approach to SEN through raised awareness towards understanding and commitment of shared responsibility by all members of staff. Pupils with special educational needs should access learning opportunities in a way that meets their individual needs. Our Special Educational Needs Policy is designed to recognise pupils learning needs and make provision for meeting them, either within school or through the use of specialist support and advisory services.

Meet the teamĀ 

School support services 

Harberton Outreach: Mrs Lynn Neil

Peripatetic Literacy Outreach Support Service: Ms Rachel Aldred         
Harberton Behaviour Outreach Support: Ms Ciara Chapman

Clarawood Behaviour Outreach Supporter: Mrs Julie Handley

Family Worker: Mrs Rachel Howe

‘Imagine If’ School Counsellor: Ms Victoria Izat

RISE Team  

SEN Early Years Intervention Service 

At Victoria Park Primary School we follow these key SEN principles:

  • Provision matches child’s requirements in the educational setting
  • There is careful recording of needs, actions taken and outcomes
  • We endeavour to include the pupil voice 
  • We endeavour to work in collaboration with parents to support the needs of pupils in the school environment 
  • Outside specialists are involved where appropriate, at any stage, but particularly preceding and during any referral.

Partnership with parents


We believe that parents have an important role to play in their child’s development and education. We recognise the important role of parents as partners and will involve them in discussions about the needs of their child, inform them of the provisions made for their child and the progress their child is making. 

School based SEN Stages


At Victoria Park we follow the current five stage approach set out in the code of practice.


It is our aim that children with SEN are identified and assessed as early as possible. A child will be considered to have special educational needs if:

  • He/She has significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children at the same age.
  • Has a disability which either prevents or hinders the child from making use of education facilities of a kind provided for children of the same age in a main stream setting.
  • Is identified by observations, comet profiling, Bury Infant Test (example P1), standardized test scores, to be struggling with areas of the curriculum. 
  • Standardised test score PTE/ PTM for English and/or Mathematics is less than 70 – due consideration will be given to the child’s CAT Q (Maths IQ score) and CAT V (literacy IQ score) to discover if child’s scores reflect his/her ability.
  • Standardised score for English and /or Mathematics differs from the IQ score and is categorised as ‘much lower than expected’.
  • They have a behavioural problem, which results in disrupted learning for the child or the rest of the class.
  • He or she has a medical or physical difficulty/diagnosis which may disrupt their learning e.g. Hearing impairment.


The Five Stages




Support Offered

Initial Concern Expressed


Teacher, SENCo, Principal and Parents

Teacher initiates program in child’s class

Stage 1


Teacher, SENCo, Principal, parents


IEP (Action Plan) drawn up and implemented by teacher


Stage 2

Additional Support required



Teacher, SENCo, Principal, parents, Possible Learning support teacher involvement


IEP drawn up and implemented by teacher 


Stage 3

Support from outside agencies


Teacher, SENCo, Principal, parents, External Specialists and EA (possible involvement with Educational Psychology) 

IEP drawn up and implemented by teacher with support from outside agencies


Stage 4

Referred for Statutory Assessment


EA, Teacher, SENCo, Principal, Parents, Educational

Psychologist, social services, GP and others


Multi-disciplinary assessment is made.

Stage 5

EA obtains advice from others

EA, Teacher, SENCo, Principal, Parents and others

EA decides whether to make a Statement of Need


Support offered at each stage




Support Offered


Teacher Concern.

Behaviour/Social – fitting in /Coping with work/Falling behind. Reading, Numeracy score

Parental Concern 

Child moves from higher stage


Teacher support with differentiated activities in class and reasonable adjustments made to support.


Insufficient progress in response to meaningful and purposeful measures at Stage 1 Extra Support required – Stage 1 not sufficient

Further support with differentiated activities within class. 

Possible Learning Support Teacher individual or group work P1-7.

Class Teacher offering more focussed support.



Insufficient progress in response to meaningful and purposeful measures at Stage 2. 

Concerns regarding child’s progress continues. 

Access Outside Agency Support / possible recommendation for Educational Psychologist Assessment. 


Possible support from Learning Support Teacher.

Harberton Outreach Teachers - Behaviour and Learning 




Request for full statutory assessment following a Stage 3 Review.


As Stage 3


EA statement issued learning, behaviour or medical



As Stage 3

Possibility of Special Needs Classroom Ass or change of placement


Support resources for Parents 


please follow the link below to find useful videos, visual aids and resources to help support your child at home. 

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