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Week 5 - Week Beginning 1st February

Home Learning – Week 5


Welcome to week 5 of home learning.  This week we will be revising and consolidating our multiplication skills, and building on the skills we started working on in school with using larger numbers.  Remember your layout is really important, so make sure you take time to set out your sums accurately and neatly.


Each day this week from Monday to Friday you should complete the activities below.

Monday - Online Activity 1 & Activity 1

Tuesday - Online Activity 2 & Activity 2

Wednesday - Online Activity 3 & Activity 3

Thursday - Online Activity 4 & Activity 4

Friday - Online Activity 5 & Activity 5.


Once you complete your work, ask an adult at home to help you send a picture of your work to your teacher as a Seesaw message.  Remember adults can contact your teacher on Seesaw or can email them if they are having problems.  Miss Boyd's email address is and Mr Bleakley's is


We have included a little video reminder of how to carry out these calculations.  You may need to watch it a few times to refresh your skills and that is okay.  Feel free to try a higher group’s work if you wish.  For activity 4, we have included a multiplication mosaic to try and change your activities slightly.  If you don’t have access to a printer, do not panic.  Simply draw a grid with the same number of squares.  You do not need to write out each calculation, rather simply solve it on the screen and then simply colour your box the right colour. We have, however, included an alternative worksheet if you would prefer to use it.


Remember you will also have Literacy and World Around Us to complete too.  You should also be taking some time to read on Bug Club and having a look at the Maths with Parents activities too.


Have a great week and don't forget to send your work through to your teacher.  


Online Activities

Online Activity 3 - P5 How To Multiply TU by U

An explanation of how to multiply a TU number by a single digit.

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