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Week 10 - 08/06/20

Last week's maths was an introduction to multiplying and dividing. Instead of using these terms in school we talk about grouping and sharing. Don't worry if your child is finding it challenging as we are just exposing the children to the concept which will then be built upon in P.3. The first 2 lessons this week finish this topic.   


Topic: Dividing by grouping

Mental maths: Counting backward from any number within 100. 

Practical: Use objects found around the house. Give your child 20 objects and ask them to group into in 2s. How many groups did they make? Now get them to group it in 4s. Last week we focused on sharing it out equally while this week we are making groups to see how many groups they can make. 

Game: Grouping passengers on planes 

Worksheet:  Grouping worksheet. Draw circles around the objects to make sets of 2, 3, 4 and 5. Then count the number of sets.  

Topic: Arrays 

Mental maths: Counting forward from 90. How high can you go? 

Video: What is an array?

Worksheet:  Challenge: Can you create your own array? Using finger painting/stickers (or just colours if you don't have these) create your own arrays. See example below.  

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths: Counting back in tens from 100.  

Practical: Collect a selection of empty jars, jugs and bottles. Let your child explore them with water. Can you make the container full, empty, half full, almost empty...? Which container holds the most water? the least? 

Worksheet:  Comparing Capacity 

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths: Counting forward in 2s. How far can you go?  

Practical:  Find a large jug (or another container if you don't have a jug) Let your child play filling and emptying the jug to let them understand the size of the object. Get your child to guess how many cups it will take to fill the jar and record their prediction. Then fill the jug using the cup and count how many it takes. Repeat with a bottle cap (or maybe a small bowl as this could take a long time) and a bottle. 

Worksheet:  Recording sheet 

Topic: Capacity 

Mental maths: Counting forward in 5s. How far can you go?

Practical:  Choose 4 containers to measure the capacity of. Choose a cup to measure your containers with. Record your child's predictions of how many cups it will take to fill each container. Then count how many cups it takes to fill each container. Record which container has the greatest capacity and the least capacity. 

Worksheet:  Recording sheet 

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