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Activities for Week Beginning 08/6/20

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Numbers within 8

(from 8/6/20)

Numbers within 9

(from 10/6/20)


Number revision

* Watch Numerblocks 11.

* Look at a Numberline to 20 (see link below).

* What comes before/ after 11? Find 1 more/ 1 less than 11.

* Make groups of 11 objects from around the house or outside in the garden.

* Practise careful counting and writing numbers using the worksheet attached below.


Practise counting to 10 with this Teddy Bears Picnic Powerpoint.

Numberblocks - Eleven


Watch the Numberjacks episode on sharing fairly (see link below)

To teach your child about sharing you will need:

  • 3 Teddy Bears
  • A packet of biscuits

* Encourage your child to count out 3 biscuits and share then between the teddy bears saying "One for you, one for you....." etc.

* Count how many biscuits they have each.  Have they got the same?

* Try this again with 6 biscuits, then 9 biscuits.


Explore sharing further-

You could try this activity using 2 teddy bears and share out an even number of biscuits eg 8 or 10. Does each teddy bear have the same number of biscuits?

What happens if you share out an odd number of biscuits eg 7 or 9? 

Try the sharing worksheet below

Numberjacks | Fair Shares | S1E32

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