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Round & Round the Garden- Week 4

The story for this week is



Listen to the story of Superworm using the video attached below.  Talk about the pictures and look for words you know as you read it.  What’s your favourite part of the story?

 Can you find any rhyming words eg:bugs, slugs. What different ways is superworm used? eg slide. What superpower would you like to have?



Draw your favourite animals in the story and have a go at writing their names.





Have a go at this rhyming words worksheet.

Superworm! Read aloud children's book

Sound Revision

This week revise the sounds

j x y

Make sure your child can say these sounds. Use the Jolly Phonics songs to help.

Watch Alphablocks and Mr Thorne Does Phonics.

Practise writing the sounds on a page or whiteboard. You could have a go  using some yummy treats etc smarties or  chocolate buttons  to form the sounds!

Can you find the secret letters?

Activity - write the sounds on a white page using a white crayon. Paint over the crayon to reveal the sound. Say the sounds as you find them.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode J

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode X

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode Y

Alphablocks - J Stands for July | Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Learning Blocks

Phonics - Learn to Read | Superhero X!

Phonics Y and Z - Zap

Word Building

Use the sound cards:

s a t p i n c k e

h r m d g o u l f b j x y


Can you build the words:

yet  jam  jet  yes   box   yak   jog  jug  job  jab


Word grid and instructions are below.

If you can't print the word grid out, just draw it on paper or a whiteboard.

If you want to make this activity harder, encourage your child to write the sounds rather than using the word cards.


Have a go at the word building cut and stick activity attached smiley


More Activity Ideas

Can you find ways to move around like an insect? Here are some ideas:


Make spaghetti worms:


Use play dough to make the different worm shapes from the story:


Pretend you are a minibeast. Make yourself a den where you can hide from other animals.


Use egg cartons to make some other creatures eg: snail.





Sing along to the song below!

Wiggly Woo | Sing A Long | Nursery Rhyme | Worm at the bottom of the garden

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