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Week 7 (18.5.20)

Hello Boys and Girls,


We cant believe its week 7 of Home Learning! We are so proud of you all for having a go and doing such amazing, careful work. Well done to you all!!


This week we are learning about division by sharing and grouping. You might need something to help your counting. In school we might have used counters or cubes but at home you could use buttons or pasta to help.

Each group has 1 page per day! You can do it!


First look at the Power Point, Maths with parents video and BBc bitesize link to help you be a super Division Detective and then have a go!


Remember to send us your super work!


TIP to remember! When you are writing a division equation/sum always remember the big number (The total)  starts your sum eg. 24÷8=3    24 divided into lots/groups of 8 = 3 groups of 8

           24 shared into equal groups of 8 - gives you 3  groups of 8


Have a super week. Remember to keep up your bbc Dance mat challenge to teach your fingers which keys to type on your keyboard. Have fun!!!

Please note that in the PowerPoint the equals sign looks like a rectangle but should be =

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