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Maths activities

Hi P4. This week you will need to watch the Powerpoint on arrays to help you with your work and the links to WHITE ROSE MATHS website and BBC Bitezise column addition revision . Monday is a Bank Holiday so there are FOUR lessons this week. Have fun learning by playing the online games suggested too.

1. Powerpoint about Arrays to help you 2. White Rse Maths link - Videos on Fractions work 3. BBC Biteszie link for Column addition

Try these fun online games to help you learn

Equivalent Fractions

Watch this first, then try the Kahoot! Rule: You can ONLY multiply/d...

Comparing & Ordering Fractions for Beginners

This film is for first-timers or those needing to step right back to understand comparing fractions. I am only considering fractions with a common denominato...

Comparing and Ordering Fractions with Different Denominators (fraction strips)

When we compare and order fractions we show we understand how big one fraction is, compared to another. This is very important when the denominators are diff...

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