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Topic-Polar Lands Jan/Feb

Week 8.

We hope you are enjoying our activities in celebration of World Book Day. We wanted to share a lovely story with you in the World Around Us too! We have uploaded the pictures of the story but there is also a typed version in case the pictures are difficult to read.


We hope you enjoy the story of the Dawn Chorus!  Have a go at some of the activity ideas we have uploaded in the art, music, PDMU and P.E folders.



Week 7 - The Messy Magpie and Recycling. 


As so many enjoyed the bird watching last week, we thought we would continue with this theme. Did you enjoy our story, 'The Messy Magpie'? Have a  look at the PowerPoint below to see how we can help birds like Morris. 

Week 6 - Big Schools' Birdwatch 2021

This week we are going to step out of the Polar lands to take part in something special. All over Great Britain, children are joining in with the Big School’s Birdwatch this month! Children go into their back gardens or on walks with their parents and have a look and a listen for birds. Why don’t you have a go? We have uploaded a checklist for you to take with you. Some of the birds on it are seen at Victoria Park. You could even go there for your birdwatch!

You might want to take a closer look at one of these birds. Open the PowerPoint below to find out more about a robin. You can create a fact file too!
Week 5 - Polar Animals adaptations

Write about 3 ways the polar bear adapts to living in a Polar Land

Week 4 - Polar Habitats

Week 3 - Whale Facts

This week we are learning about whales as one of the animals found in the seas of the polar lands. They are amazing creatures! Enjoy the video below and have a go at researching your own whale facts. See if you can find out where is the whale's fluke and their dorsal fin! You can use this information to help you label the parts of the whale and complete the cut and stick worksheet below.

Week 2 - Greenpeace and the Polar Lands

Welcome to out Topic this term! We will be investigating Polar lands, following on from our learning on Iceland and the Northern Lights. We will begin by exploring the climate, the amazing animals and the people who call it home. Here is our exciting trailer to give you a glimpse of what is to come!

Polar Lands Trailer

Introduction to Polar Lands

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