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Week 11 (15.6.20)

Dear Boys and Girls

Welcome to Week 11 of HOME LEARNING. I hope you have enjoyed the sunny weekend.

I am so proud of all the home learning you have been doing! Well done!

We will continue this week with Fun with fractions. You will noticed I have some resources that I have said DO NOT PRINT  - this is because they have a lot of colour in them and you can use your ipad/computer to look at them and use them as a text book,not to write on and save your self the ink!


Start today by reminding your self of last weeks Power Point. Take a look at your Maths with parents video from last week too! They will remind you about the important facts about fractions and give you confidence!


Have a great week!

From Mrs Thom

If you find Day 2 difficult to read - here are the instructions.


  1.  Roll 2 dice. 2)
  2. Place the smaller number on top(numerator).
  3. Place the larger number on the bottom(Denominator)
  4. Divide and colour the circles to show your fraction
  5. The first  one has been done for you.


Day 3


Instructions for Colour and compare

  1. Colour each circle to match the written fraction.
  2. Compare the fraction  by writing a <  or> sign

Day 4 and 5


You may need pasta shapes and plates (Or draw circles needed)



Day 4 and day 5 Resource to help find the answer to the fraction

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