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Week 9- Week Beginning 8th March

Week 9- Mummification

This week we're learning about mummification. Often when people think about Ancient Egypt the first thing they think of are mummies. During the week you'll be finding out about how mummies were prepared both in Literacy and World Around Us, so that by Friday you are all experts and can write a set of instructions on how to prepare a mummy. The games and websites below will help you with this. 

At the start of the week, have a go at the science experiment and mummify a piece of fruit. Follow the instructions carefully and remember to record your results and share them with your teacher on Seesaw. 

There are also activities about Canopic Jars, these were the storage jars where the mummy's most vital organs were stored, or the organs the Ancient Egyptians believed to be the most vital. 

If you've got a willing victim at home, why not 'mummify' them or have them 'mummify' you by wrapping you in toilet paper- your teachers definitely want to see photos of this! 

The process of mummification is quite gruesome but that's what makes it so interesting. Enjoy your week!

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