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Round & Round the Garden- Week 7

Our story for this week is

Itchy Bear

Listen to the story of Itchy Bear using the video attached. What makes you itchy? What other animals were in the story and where did they live? How did Itchy Bear scratch his back? How did the apples taste?



Itchy Bear Read Aloud by Neil Griffiths


Activity Ideas

  • Draw your own Itchy Bear and label the parts of his body. Write a sentence to describe him.  
  • Use the Itchy Bear activity booklet attached below to:

Make puppets and use them to sequence or retell the story (animal templates included in Itchy Bear booklet)

Sing the Itchy Bear songs - Chin and Tummy, If You’re Itchy and You Know It, Itchy Bear Had an Itch 

Get some ideas for snack time

  • Find places round your house or garden where you can have a good scratch!
  • Try some apple printing


Neil Griffiths is the author of this book. He has written lots of children’s stories. You might like to read Sneezy Bear  or some other bear stories.

Sneezy Bear Neil Griffiths

Revision of sounds

Revise all sounds covered this year. Set aside any sounds your child finds tricky and continue to revise these ones during the week. Call out a sound and ask your child to write it and swap over so your child is calling out the sound.



Phonics - Alien Alphabet | Learn to Read | Alphablocks

Word Building

Keep practising word building using your sound cards and word grid.


Have a go at this word building activity:



New word for this week is


Make sure your child can say the word.

Practise writing it.

Have a go at putting the word into a sentence.

Play a game of stepping stones - Spread  a number of word cards out on the floor. Ask your child to jump from one to another as if they are stepping stones. As they jump they have to say the word they are going to jump to next. Make sure they say the word before they jump!


Sentence building

Use the word cards

I    Mum  Dad    Kipper     Biff    Chip  Floppy  big    little    is  am


Make a sentence eg Dad is big/ Kipper is little  and encourage your child to read it to you. Ask them to point to each word as they say it.

* Say a sentence eg Mum is big  and encourage your child to make it using their word cards.  Get them to read it back to check if they are right.

* If you need to make this activity harder, ask your child to make their own sentence from these words.  Get them to read it back to check it makes sense.

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