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Week 10- Week Beginning 15th March

Week 10- prefixes and suffixes

This week we’re looking at prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes are smaller words or groups of letters that are placed in front of another word to change the meaning, e.g. if we add the prefix ‘un’ to ‘do’ we make ‘undo’. Suffixes are placed at the end of the word, e.g. we can add ‘ful’ to ‘hope’ to make ‘hopeful’. The activities below will help you understand this further. On Wednesday it’s St Patrick’s Day, so there are no activities for this day. We’ve also included a St Patrick’s Day activity so you know why you’re getting the day off!


On Monday watch and read through Online Activity 1 and then answer the questions about St Patrick in Written Activity 1. I’ve also included some other videos about how people around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day for you to watch if you would like to.

Tuesday’s Online Activity will introduce the concept of prefixes. There are also some activities that you can try before Written Activity 2.

On Wednesday you’re off!

As always Thursday’s written activity is your spelling activities. Online Activity 3 is a game based on prefixes and suffixes. Choose the Prefix and Suffix option from the menu, start with easy and then if you completed it easily try the hard version.

Friday’s work is based on Suffixes. Online Activity 4 explains what suffixes and then you can try the written activity.

Don’t forget to share your work with your teachers and to get in touch with us if you need any help. Have a good week!

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