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Week 6 - Week Beginning 8th February

Week 5- Prepositions and descriptive writing


This week in Literacy we’re learning all about prepositions. Prepositions describe the position of an object or a time when you will do something. We’re also having a go at some descriptive writing, using Harry Potter to inspire us. All of you know that Mr Bleakley and Miss Boyd are big Harry Potter fans so we really look forward to seeing your work this week.


You should do the following things each day:

Monday- Online task 1 and Written task 1

Tuesday- Online Task 2 and Written task 2

Wednesday- Online Task 3 and Written task 3

Thursday- Online Task 4 and Written task 4

Friday- Online Task 5 and Written task 5.

You should also spend some time each day learning your spellings and remember to log on to Bug Club at least once each week.


On Monday we would like you to find out more about how Hogwarts was built for the films. Some of you may have been to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tours outside of London. Use the website to discover what you can do there, then read the information about how they built the set before doing the activity.

Tuesday’s activity introduces prepositions. Watch the videos on the BBC Bitesize website and then do the written task. You might even want to play a game in your house- an adult or sibling could hide objects around a room and you have to describe where to find them. Or play eye spy, but instead of saying ‘begins with’ try, ‘I spy with my little eye something in front of the sofa.’

On Wednesday you can play the online preposition game before doing another preposition activity to make sure you really understand what they are.

Thursday is spelling activity day. The online activity will help you get ready for tomorrow’s writing task. Watch the video which explains how you can describe a picture in a really interesting and descriptive way.

Finally, on Friday watch the YouTube clip of Harry and his friends arriving at Hogwarts. The written task asks you to imagine you are a First Year at Hogwarts and this is the first time you have seen the castle. On the task page there is a picture of the castle- describe what you can see, remember to use your 5 senses to describe the scene and include details about how you would feel if you were in that boat. We can’t wait to read what you write!


Have a great week and don’t forget to share your learning with your teacher through Seesaw or email.

Online Task 4- Descriptive writing using 5 senses ✍️ | How to write the perfect piece of descriptive writing

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Online Task 5- Arrival at Hogwarts

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