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Week 4 (27.4.20)

Welcome Boys and Girls to Week 4 of HOME LEARNING


This week we will be looking at multiplication.

Look at Power Point 1 to help you!

Day 1 & 2 - Can you write the repeated addition sum/equation and the multiplication sum with the answer. eg. 1) 3+3+3+3 =12

                      4 lots of 3 make 12

                                 4 x 3 = 12


You can also draw the picture as well!


Day 3 Have a look at the Maths Mastery videos and have a go at some of the activities as well as completing your day 3 work.


Day 4 Have a look at the other Power Point to help you with Day 4 & 5


Have a go at the challenge activity to show how brilliant you are at multiplication! Maybe you could be timed to see how quickly and accurately you can do your work. Let me know how long it took you.


Have a look at BBc Bitesize  Multiplication and learn the fun songs for the 2 times table, Five times table and the ten times table.


Send me an email showing me your super number work or a video of you singing the song. Tell me what you learned about the 5 times table.


Have a fab week! Do your very best work! Have a go!  From Mrs Thom       


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