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Numeracy Activities

Up to now we have been learning numbers up to 20. We are now going to move on to counting in 1s to 50 and counting in 10s to 100. Please watch the videos and let them listen to the songs to help them learn to count past 20. In the first activity they colour in a 50 grid. The children can use this to help them complete the rest of the actcivities during the week. There is also, an interactive 50 grid in the games section. 


Play the splat the number in the game section. Get an adult to call out different numbers to 50 for you to find and splat. Colour the 50 grid following the instructions. What patterns did you find? 


Using your number grid from yesterday fill in the missing numbers. 


We are learning to count in tens. Watch the numberblocks episode Land of the Giants and sing the counting in tens song. Cut and stick the numbers in order. 

Only choose one


Each picture is made up with groups of ten. Get the children to count in tens to find the answer. 


We are learning that numbers are made up with tens and ones. Cut and stick the numbers beside the correct picture. The ten rod is made up of ten blocks and then count on in ones. 

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