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Week 7 - 18/05/20

Topic: Adding crossing the ten  


Mental maths: Count in 2ps. 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p, 10p etc. 

Website: Shopping bag - Less than 10p - Total cost

New learning: PowerPoint - adding over the ten. First PowerPoint using base 10 materials. Second PowerPoint using numberline. Use whichever helps your child understand best. 

Worksheet: Shopping worksheet - add the amounts 

Topic: Subtracting over the ten  


Mental maths: Island chase subtraction game 

Website: Use the 100 splat square. Ask your child to splat the answer for these sums. Most children find it more difficult to countback over the tens number. Encourage them to countback aloud.

  • 51- 3 =
  • 72 - 4 =
  • 23 - 5 =
  • 80 - 3 =
  • 45 6 =
  • 31 - 2 =  

Worksheet: Dinosaur subtraction worksheet. 

Topic: Comparing two sets of money  


Mental maths: Count in 5ps. 5p, 10p, 15p, 20p etc. 

Practical: Adult and child make a set of money each. Count each set and see who has more. 

Website: Piggy bank game - Coins - How much? - Between 10p-20p

Worksheet: Colour the purse with a greater amount each time.  

Topic: Adding coins to make amounts 


Mental maths: Count in 10ps. 10p, 20p, 30p, 40p etc. Can you count back in 10ps?  

Website: Paying for ice - creams. Move the correct coins to the hand to pay for the ice-cream. The children have played this one before but using all the coins this time instead of just 10ps and 1ps. 

Worksheet: Draw the coins to make the amount. 

Topic: Using money in the real world 


Mental maths: adding 1p or 2p to any amount within 100.  

Practical: Today you are going to work in Ratatouille's restaurant. You are going to ask people in your house what they would like to order from the menu and record it on the worksheet. Remember to also record the money they should pay you. Have fun!

Worksheet: Fairyland Menu and order sheet. See the example order sheet for recording. 

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