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Week 11- Week Beginning 22nd March

King Tutankhamun

One of Egypt's most famous Pharaohs was Tutankhamun or King Tut. For years many have been fascinated by his life but especially his death. When Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun they discovered 'wonderful things' inside. We'll chat about King Tut more on our Collaborate call this week but we've found some great websites that will tell you more about this mystery Pharaoh. One of the big questions many ask about King Tut was how did he die? As you read the information decided for yourself, was it an accident or was it murder? 

There are some activities for you to try too including designing your own death mask. Remember to share your work with your teacher on Seesaw. 

We've also included details about an optional activity that you could have a go at over the Easter holidays. Usually P5s complete an Egyptian project as a homework task and then bring it in to school for everyone to see. Whilst we're not in school, if you wanted to have a go at building a model or making a scrapbook about something you enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt then we'd love to see them. If you do complete the challenge you can bring them in to school when we return to class. This is optional, so no pressure to take part.

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