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Victoria Park Primary School sees a value in children engaging in homework as a means of revising work done or as a further extension of work, in discovering information unavailable in school, in involving parents in their children's studies and in the development of good work habits. It is a good form of work discipline. Against this must be balanced each child's need for recreation and the development of private interests and hobbies.


It is our policy to set homework on four nights per week, Monday to Thursday. Key Stage 1 children should do not more than 30 minutes while Key Stage 2 children should do not more than one hour. Sometimes weekend homework may be given.


Helping with Homework


A Short Guide for Parents & Guardians

My child says there is no homework! Some children think that if they have no written homework, then they have no work to do at home. 



  • Tables
  • Spellings
  • Poems
  • Models


Your child will ALWAYS have reading homework; 



Homework is:

  • Reading
  • Learning spellings
  • Learning tables
  • Learning a poem
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Making a model
  • Drawing a picture


As a general rule, children will have homework every night, except at weekends.

We relax the rules about homework around holidays. Homework is usually cancelled the last week of every term. Always remember to READ, READ, READ! 


You can make a difference!

  • Take an interest in what your child is doing - ask questions, talk about the work!
  • Encourage them to do their best.
  • Allow your child to do as much as possible on his/her own.
  • Don't fight about homework. This will only create an unpleasant atmosphere.
  • Try to help your child to develop good study habits. This will establish a pattern for future study.
  • Remember to sign your child's homework.


Parents will be informed if children persistently fail to produce homework or if it is not completed to an acceptable standard.


Why do schools give homework?

Our intention is neither to punish children nor torture parents. We want to give your child an opportunity to practice and consolidate work that has already been taught in school. We want to give you an opportunity to become involved in your child’s education.


Books build Brains

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