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Week 6 - Week Beginning 8th February

Week 6 – Division


We hope you all had a lovely weekend!  This week we are looking at division in Maths.  We had started looking at this in school before Christmas, so this week we wanted to take some time to practise and reinforce our skills.


Division is the last of the four operations (+, -, x and ÷).  Division can sometimes be called sharing equally.  It is the inverse, or opposite, of multiplication.  We can use our multiplication facts to work out division facts.  For example, if I know that 2 x 4 = 8 the I know that 8 ÷ 4 = 2.


This week we will be focusing on the standard written form of division, which we like to call the bus stop method.  We have created a short video to jog your memory about how to carry out these calculations and the important layout.


Take time this week to check your accuracy.  We have included answers to all the activities to encourage checking and to promote accuracy.  If you are finding a particular activity has too many questions, simply do as much as you can.  We are looking for accuracy not speed!


On Friday we want you to try a different challenge from the Maths Challenge grid.  Remember to send examples of your work to your teacher by asking an adult to send them on Seesaw or by email.  This is really important so please keep up the great effort with this.  As always, if you have any queries, please just contact your teacher.  Have a great week!


Online Activities

Online Activity 2 - P5 Divide TU by U

A short explanation video of how to divide a TU number by a single digit using the standard written form of division.

Online Activity 4 - P5 Dividing HTU by U.

A short video to explain how to divide a HTU number by a single digit using the standard written form of division.

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