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Week 4 - 27/04/20

Topic: Money - adding tens and ones 


Mental maths: scratch garden counting in 10s 

Practical: Use 10ps and 1ps and see what amounts you can make. 

Website: Coins - How much? - Just 10ps 

Worksheet: Count how much in the piggy bank. Then add 10p to each piggy bank and add how much.  




Topic: Money - adding tens and ones 


Mental maths: Add one more to a number within 100 (Use 100 square if needed) 

Practical: Create a play shop and write labels for your goods

Website: Paying using one coin - 1ps/ 10ps 

Worksheet: Treasure Chest and 10p/1p coin sheets. What amounts can you make in the treasure chest?  

Topic: Money - adding tens and ones 


Mental maths: Add ten more to a number within 100 (Use 100 square)

Practical: Play shop paying for items. How much is 2 tins of beans? How much is the gravy and a lolly? Model for the child when counting out money to pay them 10, 20, 30, 31, 32....

Website: Paying for ice creams - Up to 50p. Use 10p and 1p coins and move them into the hand to make the amount. 

Worksheet: Adding amounts of 10ps and 1ps 


Topic: Number bonds for 15


Mental maths: Adding single digits to 10. What is 10 and 5 more? What do I get if I add 10 and 3? What do you add to 10 to get 17? 

Practical: Choose 15 toys e.g. teddies, cars, lego figures etc. Sort the toys into two groups. You can make up a story about this to make it more meaningful. 15 teddies go for a picnic, 10 have biscuits and 5 have cakes. Repeat to see how many different ways they can make 15?

Website: Marble jar. Add 15 marbles to the jar using 2 colours. 12 red marbles and 3 green marbles makes 15. Try different ways to make 15. 

Worksheet: Blank number bonds for 15. Write 15 in the top bold square and record ways they have found to make 15. The children should use practical materials to help them.  

Topic: Number bonds for 15


Mental maths: Subtraction of 1, 2 or 3 from numbers within 20. What is 18 take-away 1 equal? What is 15 subtract 3?

Practical: Gather 15 objects/ toys from around the house or garden. Find different ways to make 15. Can you say the sum? e.g. 4 red cars plus 11 books equals 15 altogether. 

Website: Bear counters. Use these to find different ways to make 15. e.g. 6 green bears and 9 red bears make 15

Worksheet: Leaf number bonds to 15. Practical materials can be used to work these out. 

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