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18th - 22nd May

This week we would like the children to find out about the animals, birds and other creatures that typically live in a rainforest.  Your child needs to watch the BBC Bitesize and BBC Wildlife videos at least (the BBC Planet Earth programme is optional and is separated into a playlist of short videos - it may be of interest to some children but it would take over half an hour to watch all of them but they could skip the ones that focus on trees and plants as we will be looking at that in a couple of weeks).  They then need to complete the worksheets (they don't need to do the additional tasks at the bottom of a couple of them).  The answers for all the worksheets are provided for you.

BBC Wildlife

Rainforest animals and plants in the Amazon rainforest

BBC Wildlife

Poisonous rainforest animals

BBC Wildlife

Exotic birds

BBC Wildlife

Eels and jungle animals

BBC Planet Earth - Jungles

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