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The children should try to complete all the decimal multiplication and multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 activities on Monday and Tuesday. They should try to complete as many of the decimal division and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 activities as they can on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


In case your child isn't sure what to do completing the questions on page 33, they do a written sum as demonstrated in the Corbettmaths Primary video and calculate the answer. For example, the answer for Q1(a) is 4.8. They have to look at the units digit which in this case is 4 and look at the yellow key to find the code letter which is A. The letters from Q1 spell out the first two words of a message; the letters from Q2 spell out the third and fourth words and the letters from Q3 spell out the last word. Look at the answer page if you are still unsure and hopefully it will make sense!


Before starting the division activities, remind your child that remainders aren't allowed when dividing decimal numbers so they need to keep adding zeros and dividing until there isn't one. For example, the answer to Q2(h) on page 36 isn't 3r3. They need to make it 21.0 and they will then get 3.5. When dividing an amount of money in pounds, they need to make sure there are two decimal places after the decimal point for the final answer to be correct. For example, Q3(a) on p37 asks the children to share £35 among 4 people. They should write 35.00 and divide by 4 and the answer is £8.75. DON'T FORGET THE POUND SIGN! Remind your child about including units of measurement if needed, e.g. kg.


If your child is unsure about any of the questions, please send us a Seesaw message and we will help you!

Multiplying and Dividing Numbers by 10, 100 and 1000

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