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Week 3 - Week Beginning 18th January

Week 3- Literacy

This week in Literacy our focus is on using connectives and conjunctions in our writing to create more interesting sentences. These joining words provide the reader with additional information and make our writing more complex and sophisticated!


Each day we’d like you to complete the following activities:

Monday- Online Activity 1 and Written Activity 1

Tuesday- Online Activity 2 and Written Activity 2

Wednesday- Online Activity 3 and Written Activity 3

Thursday- Online Activity 4 and Written Activity 4

Friday- Online Activity 5a and 5b and Written Activity 5


On Monday we would like you to find out more about hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphs were pictures that Egyptians used to record information. It’s thanks to these pictures that we know so much about what life was like in Ancient Egypt.

On Tuesday and Wednesday you will find out more about conjunctions. Use the BBC Bitesize website to find out more about what these are before you complete the written activities. We’ve also uploaded a word mat to help with your written work.

As always, we’ve uploaded your spellings for the week and on Thursday you can complete the spelling activities to help you learn and understand the meaning of each of your spellings.

On Friday we want you to have a go at solving an ancient mystery. The Sphinx is one of Egypt’s most famous landmarks but it’s missing its nose. Why do you think that is? We’re looking forward to hearing some of your conspiracy theories. They can be as sensible or as weird as you like!


Don’t forget to have a look at the World Around Us section where you’ll find out more about hieroglyphs and there is an art activity for you to have a go at too.

As always, keep your teacher up to date with how you’re getting on by sending photos of your work via Seesaw.

Have a great week!

Online Activity 3- Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar - Conjunction Junction Music Video

"Conjunction Junction, what's your function?" The classic Jack Sheldon favorite from Schoolhouse Rock. For more information, go to

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