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Week beginning 8th March

For the next three weeks we are going to be learning about Flight.

Lesson 1 KWL


  1. K - Children discuss all of the different things you know about flight in nature. Think of animals, birds and plants. Fill what you know into the K section of the chart.
  2. W – Think about what you want to find out about flight in nature. Again consider animals, birds and plants. Think about how you could find out what you want to discover; internet, video clips, books.
  3. Leave the L section until we have finished learning about Flight.

Lesson 2 Birds

Read through the following questions and think about them then look at resource 1 and complete resource 2. You can do your own research if you want. The RSPB website is a good source to use.


  1. Thinking of features of birds.
  2. Compare features of birds with features of other animals or creatures. Think of any other animals that can fly eg flying squirrel or bats.
  3. How do birds fly?
  4. Why do birds fly?
  5. Can you think of any flightless birds?
  6. Using a list or photographs of a variety of birds, find different ways to group, classify or categorise the birds.
  7. Compare and contrast two different birds (online resource 1, resource A, online resource 2)
  8. Extension What are birds of prey? Think of food chain and food pyramids.

Lesson 3 Migration

Research about birds. Look below and see if you can find out the answers, then design your own table to present your research.

  1. Find out which birds migrate south in the early autumn (eg swallow, swift, martin, flycatcher).
  2. Find out which birds visit Northern Ireland in winter (eg whooper swan, Brent goose, Greenland white-fronted goose, snowy owl).

Whooper swan migration


3. Design a table to present information eg columns for name of bird, country of origin, date it arrives in NI, where it stays in NI, when it leaves or present info on world map (Resource B, online resource 3).

Use Migration Route Map from Play section of the RSPB website:

Record migratory routes to NI in one colour and from NI in another colour, countries involved, create your own colour key.





Lesson 4 - Migration


  1. Migration of other animals, creatures and reasons for migration; hummingbird hawk moth, painted lady butterfly, whales, salmon.
  2. Dangers of migration eg thunderstorms, strong winds etc.
  3. Things to make migration easier eg plentiful food source, good winds etc

Play RSPB Dangers of Migration



Children design and make board game. How to get their birds safely from one country to another. Think about what makes a good board game; format (snakes and ladders?), rules, dangers and advantages, etc.

Lesson 5 Flight in the Plant Kingdom


  1. Seed dispersal; dandelion, sycamore, lime; research the seed dispersal of these seeds.
  2. Draw the Life cycle of one of these seeds.
  3.    clip 2257
  4. Dandelion seed dispersal

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