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Kiwis and Oranges

Our topic for this term is Africa. All of our World Around Us work and most of our Literacy work will be linked to this topic.

As before your work will be assigned for each day. When you have completed your work please send to us by uploading to Seesaw or email.

If you don't understand what you have to do or have other questions please get in touch.

As before we are working and checking the messages regularly during school hours. Any work received out of school hours will be marked and commented on the next day, but please feel free to post when it suits you.



Tuesday -

1. Do the WAU work first. Complete K for what you already know about Africa (anything at all), and the W for what you would like to find out about Africa.

2. Then complete the Spidergram for Literacy.

In the centre circle you write the name of your topic - Africa.

In each of the other circles you write a sub-heading and some examples of them.

Some ideas for sub-headings that you could research are; countries, geography (mountains, rivers, etc), wildlife (animals, insects, birds, sea creatures, plants, etc), famous people, famous landmarks or buildings, climates or habitats (desert, rainforest, mountain, etc), art, flags, sports, languages, styles of housing.

There are many more.

Remember to upload your work and to keep the work to bring into school.

You can complete it by drawing out and completing on a page, print out the page or make your own on a computer or tablet.


Today we are going to research an African animal. You choose the animal that you want to find out about and using one of these worksheets as a guide please record all of the information that you can find out about the animal.

Remember to tell us the name of the animal and please try to draw it too.


If you have access to a printer then print out a copy of the map of Africa and try to label and colour each country. Then count how many countries are in Africa.

If you do not have a printer then write out the list of countries in Africa (can you do it in alphabetical order?). How many countries are there altogether in Africa?

Why the Rhino has Grey Skin story

Thursday's Literacy work is a comprehension. Make sure that you read the story carefully and then answer the questions in full sentences.

You do not need to write out the questions.

You can write or type your answers.

Friday's Literacy for this week is to practise your handwriting.

We know that this is a little tricky because you don't have the books and can't use the lines to help you.

Make sure that you write slowly.

Use the online version as a guide.

Make sure the letters with descenders have tails that come below the line (g, y, p, etc) and that the capital letters and the tall letters with ascenders (b, h, l, etc) are twice as tall as the small letters (a, e, i, w, s, etc).

We have also given you the poem typed in three different ways in case that is helpful.

We are only asking you to write the poem out once in your best joined up writing.

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