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Week 6 - 11/05/20

Topic: Adding within 10 


Mental maths: Robot addition game - adding 2 numbers up to 10 

Practical: Teddy Bear's Picnic: Adding 2 amounts of food to see how many teddy eats altogether. Can you create your own picnic for teddy?  2 biscuits + 5 grapes= 7 pieces of food for teddy

Worksheet: Page 3 of dinosaur number line addition 

Website: U + U adding to ten bingo  



Topic: Adding within 10 


Mental maths: Counting on from a number within 10. Have a cup and some counters(anything that makes a noise as you drop it into the cup) Tell the child the imaginary amount in the cup and then get them to close their eyes. Drop counters into the cup one at a time for the child to count on. Can they tell you how many altogether? e.g. I start with 2 in the cup. As I drop counters into the cup get the child to count along 3,4,5,6... There was 2 plus 4 counters dropped in so there are 6 counters altogether

Website: Topmarks addition to 10 game 

Worksheet: Page 4 of dinosaur number line addition 

Topic: Subtracting within 10 


Mental maths: Count backwards from different numbers within 20 

Practical: Let the child count out a set of 10 toys. Ask them to remove some from the set. E.g. I have 10 toys. I took away 3 toys and now I have 7. 10 - 3 = 7 Repeat, investigating different amounts taken away from 10.

Website: Subtraction to 10 game 

Worksheet: Page 5 of dinosaur number line addition and subtraction

Topic: Subtracting within 10 


Mental maths: One less than a number within 20. E.g. What is one less than 15? 

Practical: Use food that the child can eat 10 off e.g. grapes, blueberries, sweets. Count out 10 grapes.  10 subtract 3 equals? Get the child to eat 3 and find the answer. Then ask 7 take away 2 equals? Child eats two to find the answer etc.  

Website: Rabbit takeaway game  

Worksheet: Page 6 of dinosaur number line addition and subtraction 

Topic: Ways to make 10p 


Mental maths: Adding amounts in the piggy bank 

Website: BBC Bitesize - Counting money: Making 10p 

Worksheet: Cut out coins to create different ways to make 10p 

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