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Numeracy Activities 12.10.20

Topic: Numbers Within Fifteen

Numberblocks - Meet Numbers 11-15 | Learn to Count

One episode for each day this week. Number 12 starts at 4.30, Number 13 at 9.05, Number 14 at 13.36 and Number 15 at 18.10

Lesson 1: I can count to 15 and make amounts within 10.


Mental Maths: Count forwards in 1s from 0-15. Count forwards from any given number within 15.


Practical Activity:

  • Use small items found at home (e.g. pasta, buttons, beads, lego) to make amounts for numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10. Ask your child to show the amount in a straight row, to make counting easier.

  • Touch count the sets of objects from 1-6, 1-7, 1-8, 1-9 and 1-10. The last number that is said is the total amount in the set.

  • Now make a row of six objects. Ask your child to add 1 more. How many are there now? Say "The number that comes after 6 is 7." Add 1 more to the set of 7 objects. How many are there now? Say "The number that comes after 7 is 8." Repeat for 8, 9 and 10. 


Recording Activity:

Lesson 2: I can say the number after from a given number to 15.

            I can recognise and order numbers to 10. (Revision)


Mental Maths: Count forwards in 1s from 0-15. Count forwards from 0 and stop at any number within 15. Can your child say the number that comes after?


Practical Activity: 

  • Print the cards (provided below) for numbers within 10, or write the numbers on pieces of paper. Turn face down. Reveal one number. Can your child identify the number? 

  • Reveal all the digit cards. Order the cards from 0-10.

  • Using the words before, after and between, discuss the order of the numbers 0-10.


Recording Activity:

Lesson 3: I can count on from any given number to 15.

            I can explore ordering numbers within 10. (Revision)


Mental Maths: Touch counting is simply touching the digits, or the objects in a set, one by one while counting aloud. Use the number line (provided below) to touch count forwards in 1s from 0-15, stopping at any number. Can your child count on from that number to reach 15?


Practical Activity:

  • Select two of the number cards from yesterday's lesson. Make amounts for each of the numbers, showing in rows as in lesson 1 for easy touch counting.

  • Ask: Which of the amounts has the least value and which has the greatest value? How do you know? Repeat this task, selecting two different number cards.

  • Order the cards 0-10. Touch count the cards to 10. Ask your child to say three sentences about one of the numbers: e.g. 6.  6 comes before ___, 6 comes after ___, 6 is between ___ and ___ Repeat this task for other number cards.


Recording Activity:

Lesson 4: I can add 1 more to numbers within 10. (Revision)


Mental Maths: Ask your child to listen carefully. Clap an amount within 15. Can your child say how many claps they heard? Repeat. Give your child a go at clapping, while you do the counting.


Practical Activity:

  • Make a set of 5 small objects (using pasta, buttons, beads etc.) Say "There are 5" and place the matching number card beside the amount.

  • Now add one more object to the set. Say to your child "There were 5. I added 1 more. There are 6 altogether. One more than 5 is equal to 6." Replace the number 5 card with the 6 card.

  • Repeat this task for other amounts within 10.


Recording Activity:

Lesson 5: Consolidation Day.


Mental Maths: Ask your child to listen carefully. Count up to 15, but miss out one number. Can your child say the missing number? Repeat.


Practical Activity:

  • Make a set of stick puppets for Numberblocks 11 - 15 (template provided below)

  • Ask your child to order the Numberblocks. Discuss the numbers as before, reinforcing the concepts of before, after and between. In this order, the Numberblocks becomes greater by one.


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