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Week 1 - 23/3/20

Topic: Length - Lesson one 


Mental maths: count forwards from different starting numbers to 50

                      : count backwards from 50


Practical: Compare who is taller and who is shorter with people in your house

             : Compare different lengths of materials e.g. ribbon, strips of paper, string, shoelaces, spaghetti 

               Order these from shortest to longest (see photo attached)


Worksheet: Cut and stick caterpillars in order from shortest to longest (see attachment)

Extension: Colouring longest and shortest animals worksheet - not the elephant weight page(see attachment)


Website: Topmarks - Let's compare (see link below) 




Topic: Length - Lesson 2


Mental maths: number bonds for 10


Video: Super fab lab! Non-standard measurement     


Practical: Measure objects around your house using handspans. Get an adult to measure the same objects and record your results in the table. 


Worksheet: Measuring recording table

Topic: Length - Lesson 3


Mental maths: number bonds for 10. I say 4, you say 6. I say 3, you say ___.


Website: number bonds for 10 game  


Digital work: Powerpoint on measuring 


Practical: Compare the length of objects around your house. e.g. The television is longer than the toaster


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