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Week 3 (20.4.20)

Dear Boys and girls


I hope you have had a good break over Easter and have enjoyed the sunny days. I have loved  hearing the birds singing.

This week we are back to doing our school work at home. I am looking forward to seeing your work so please send it to me at for room 6 and send to Mrs Johnstone for Room 5

We will be working on:

1) Adding three numbers - Remember to add the tens and then add the ones.

23+42+32 =____

If I know that 2+ 4+3 = 9 ….

Then I know that 20 + 40+ 30 = 90

Now add the ones - 3+2 +2 =7

90 + 7 =97

You might be able to do this in your head! Then write the answer or you can show me it step by step

Day 2-5

Complex partitioning means tricky but you can do it!!

Look at the examples and they will help you to do your partitioning in many different ways.


Mental Maths - Do a few minutes of each each day

  1. TIME - show on your clock some o'clock, half past ,quarter past and quarter to times ( a few every day)
  2. Your helpful adult can make some times on your clock and you read it to them.
  3. Ask your child to tell you about a number eg. 75 is 7 tens and 5 ones,  98 is 9tens and 8 ones 
  4. Count in 5's to 100
  5. Count in 10's to 100
  6. Count on 2's to 50
  7. Count in 3's to 30 

Ensure your child says the numbers clearly. The mental maths section should only take 10 minutes so spread this work out throughout the week.

Now time for your activity. 1 per day .

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