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Chatterbooks reading clubs help children build a lifelong reading habit.

Because everything changes when we read.


Chatter books is the UK's largest network of children's reading groups.  Since 2001, 10,000 children belong to Chatterbooks groups, which are run in libraries and schools to encourage reading enjoyment. The groups are run by librarians, teachers and teaching assistants. Chatterbooks is a flexible model that can be used with children from 4 up to 12, for all different abilities and in targeted or mixed groups.


At each Chatterbooks session children talk about what they are reading, take part in fun activities inspired by the best children's books, and choose new books to take home and read. Because Chatterbooks is supported by publisher partners and many children's authors and illustrators, clubs get access to publisher offers and competitions, with opportunities to find out how authors are inspired to create their work.


"I've always been a total bookworm and practically lived in my local library when I was a child. I wish I'd been able to join a Chatterbooks reading group then. It would have been such fun to make new friends and discuss all our favourite books. Lots of members write to me and send me their stories and drawings and book reviews - they obviously love being part of a Chatterbooks group."

Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Chatterbooks patron


Chatterbooks Fact

Reading for pleasure is more important to a child's

educational achievement than their family's wealth or social class.

Chatterbooks is run on Wednesday from 3.00-4.00 for P6 & P7  by  Mrs Walker in the Library