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Bonus Activities

Make The "Mixed Up" Colour Monster (22.06.20)

Use the template below to create your own confused colour monster. Remember to use ALL the colour emotions, as he's all over the place!

Paul Stickland's Dinosaur Roar! Mask Template (15.06.20)

Nick Sharratt Posters To Colour (08.06.20)

Make some chocolate dinosaur nests (01.06.20)

Travel back in time with Andy and meet a Triceratops herd. (25.05.20)

Palaeontology Song

Read the Dinosaur Poem (11.05.20)

Dinosaur Fact File: Tyrannosaurus Rex (04.05.20)

Some bonus facts to learn about this week's dinosaur!

Life as a Castaway (20.04.20)

Watch the first 16 mins with your home learning helper. What problems does Bear Grylls encounter on the island and how does he survive?

Have a go at this handprint crab activity!

We have been learning all about sharks as part of our Pirates topic. Watch the video below, then tell your home learning helper three shark facts that you can remember. Good luck!  (23.03.20)

Shark Dive | What Sam Sees

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