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Encouraging Anti-Bullying

Encouraging Anti-Bullying in Victoria Park Primary School



Bullying is an act of aggression causing embarrassment, pain or discomfort to someone. It can be physical, verbal, making rude gestures, extortion or exclusion. It is an abuse of power. lt can be planned and organised, or it may be unintentional. It may be started by one person or a group of pupils.


Examples of Bullying

  • Physical violence like hitting or pushing another pupil
  • Interfering with another pupil's belongings by stealing, hiding or damaging
  • Using nasty words or names when talking to or about someone
  • Teasing or spreading untruths about another pupil's family
  • Laughing at another pupil's work
  • Writing nasty notes about another pupil
  • Encouraging other children to ban someone from playing


Responsibility of Everyone

  • To work together to prevent bullying and to reasonably resolve any issues reported so that everyone can feel safe in school.


Victoria Park Primary School's View

The school is completely against all bullying and will investigate all reports which might suggest that someone is being bullied. Everyone in the school has the right to feel safe while in the school environment. It is the duty of everyone to encourage a safe working place for themselves and other people.


Staff Responsibilities

Staff will try to:

  • Encourage the pupils to respect themselves and others
  • Show by example good and acceptable behaviour
  • Use the opportunities in lessons to highlight the problems of bullying and encourage pupils to report if it happens
  • Be aware if a pupil appears anxious or worried
  • Listen to reports by pupils and treat them seriously
  • Report concerns to the VP or Principal for further intervention if necessary
  • Follow up any concerns raised by parents and report back findings
  • If bullying is seen while on duty deal with it immediately and record it appropriately


Responsibilities of Pupils

Pupils should:

  • Avoid joining in with a group who might want to bully another pupil
  • Help someone who is being bullied if it is safe to do so
  • Report any incidents or suspicions of bullying and encourage others to feel safe
  • Always report to a member of staff if you feel you are being bullied


How Parents Can Help

Parents can help by:

  • Reporting signs of distress of unusual behaviour in their child
  • Reminding their child/ children to report any bullying to the staff and explain that is they do not others might suffer also
  • Advise their children not to hit back but to report the incident to the staff
  • Reassuring their child that they are not responsible
  • Inform the school of any reports of bullying and be willing to work with the school in resolving any issues


Who can I speak to if I am being bullied?


Who can I speak to if I am being bullied?


I can talk to my class teacher


If I am still worried I can talk to the V.P. or Mrs Gourley


If I am still anxious I can tell my parents and they will contact the school for me


If a pupil continues to bully me at any time I can talk to a social worker or the police


Local Contacts and Helplines



Jennymount Court

North Derby Street


BT15 3HN

Tel: 02890327773


Child Care (NI)

216 Belmont Road

Belfast BT4 2AT

Tel: 02890652713


RUC Care Unit

Strandtown Care Unit Strandtown RUC Station

1/5 Dundela Avenue

Belfast BT4 3BQ

Tel: 02890650222


Childline NI

PO Box 1111

Belfast BTl 2DD

Tel: 02890327773



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