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Victoria Park Primary School is completely opposed to bullying and will not tolerate it. It is entirely contrary to the values and principles we work and live by.


Definition of Bullying

Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally.


Bullying includes:

  • name-calling
  • taunting
  • mocking
  • making offensive comments
  • kicking
  • hitting
  • pushing
  • taking belongings
  • inappropriate text messaging and emailing
  • sending offensive or degrading images by phone or via the internet
  • producing offensive graffiti
  • gossiping
  • excluding people from groups
  • spreading hurtful and untruthful rumours


All forms of bullying will be taken equally seriously and dealt with appropriately.


The Responsibilities of Staff

Our staff will:

  • foster in our pupils self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others;
  • demonstrate by example the high standards of personal and social behaviour we expect of our pupils;
  • discuss bullying with all classes, so that every pupil learns about the damage it cause to both the child who is bullied and to the bully, and the importance of telling a teacher about bullying when it happens;
  • be alert to signs of distress and other possible indications of bullying;
  • listen to children who have been bullied, take what they say seriously and act to support and protect them;
  • report suspected cases of bullying to the Head of Pastoral Care, Mr Ryden;
  • follow up any complaint by a parent about bullying, and report back promptly and fully on the action which has been taken;
  • deal with observed instances of bullying promptly and effectively, in accordance with agreed procedures.


The Responsibilities of Pupils

We expect our pupils to:

  • refrain from becoming involved in any kind of bullying, even at the risk of incurring temporary unpopularity;
  • intervene to protect a pupil who is being bullied, unless it is unsafe to do so;
  • report to a member of staff any witnessed or suspected instances of bullying, to dispel any climate of secrecy and help to prevent any further instances.

Anyone who becomes the target of bullies should:

  • not suffer in silence, but have the courage to speak out, to put an end to their own suffering and that of other potential targets


The Responsibilities of Parents

We ask our parents to support their children and the school by:

  • watching for signs of distress or unusual behaviour in their children, which might be evidence of bullying;
  • advising their children to report any bullying to their class teacher, and explain the implications of allowing the bullying to continue unchecked, for themselves and for other pupils;
  • advising their children not to retaliate violently to any form of bullying;
  • being sympathetic and supportive towards their children, and reassuring them that appropriate action will be taken;
  • informing the school of any suspected bullying, even if their children are not involved;
  • co-operating with the school, if their children are accused of bullying, try to ascertain the truth, and point out the implications of bullying, both for the children who are bullied and for the bullies themselves


The Responsibilities of All

Everyone should:

  • work together to combat and, hopefully in time, to eradicate bullying.


How to make a complaint about possible bullying


  1. I have a concern about a/my child being bullied
  2. I can talk to the class teacher
  3. If I am still concerned, I can talk to the Head of Pastoral Care, Mr Ryden
  4. If I am still concerned, I can talk to the Principal
  5. If I am still concerned, I can talk/write to the Chairman of the Board of Governors
  6. At any time, I can talk to a Social Worker or the Police


Local Contacts and Helplines


Duty Social Worker

414 Ormeau Road Belfast


Tel: 02890 204550


Strandtown PSNI Station

1-5 Dundela Avenue



Tel: 02890 650222


NSPCC Northern Ireland

Jennymount Court

North Derby Street


BT15 3HN

Tel: 02890 351135


Childline NI

Queens House,

14 Queen Street,



Tel: 0870 3362945


A full copy of the school's Anti-Bullying Policy is available in school on request and on the website.

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