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Reading Text Activities

Week Twelve

Comprehension Task (22.06.20)

Reading the Feeling (22.06.20)

Monster Jars (22.06.20)

Writing Task (22.06.20)

Week Eleven

Different Dinosaurs (15.06.20)

Matching Pairs Game (15.06.20)

Reading Opposites (15.06.20)

Writing Opposites (15.06.20)

Week Ten

Comprehension Task (08.06.20)

Describe the Dinosaur (08.06.20)

Pet Dinosaur Planner (08.06.20)

Pet Dinosaur Writing Task (08.06.20)

Pet Dinosaur Picture Prompts (08.06.20)

Week Nine

Comprehension Task (01.06.20)

Life Cycle Sequencing (01.06.20)

Supersaurus Writing Task (01.06.20)

Dinosaur in Egg Craft Instructions (01.06.20)

Week Eight

Read and Remember: Triceratops Facts (25.05.20)

Triceratops Fact File (25.05.20)

More nonfiction research on Triceratops.

Diagram Activity (25.05.20)

Comprehension Activity (25.05.20)

Writing Task (25.05.20)

Week Seven

Comprehension Activity (18.05.20)

Reading Activity (18.05.20)

List Planning Activity (18.05.20)

Writing Task (18.05.20)

Week Six

Comprehension Task (11.05.20)

Sequence the Recount (11.05.20)

Recount Writing Task (11.05.20)

Week Five

T-Rex Sort the Facts (04.05.20)

Label the T-Rex Diagram (04.05.20)

Week  Four

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs Comprehension (27.04.20)

Label the Characters (27.04.20)

Capital Letters Task (27.04.20)

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs Writing Task (27.04.20)

Week Three

Castaway Comprehension (20.04.20)

Missing Words (20.04.20)

Castaway Writing Task (20.04.20)

Writing Task Templates (20.04.20)

Week Two

Label the Pictures (30.03.20)

Hermit Crab Non-Fiction (30.03.20)

Hermit Crab Sentence Work (30.03.20)

Hermit Crab Writing Task (30.03.20)

Week One

Reading Sight Words (23.03.20)

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